Thursday, December 4, 2008


We recieved a call from Kerri L. today. She was ooohing and aaaahing over Blaise's entry in the Reflections contest(an art contest for all the schools in Alameda county). She thought her daughter might win, but she said that if Neave had to loose to someone, Blaise would be the best. I was pretty excited for Blaise, and we went to the Main Alameda Library to check out the rest of the artwork. It was all so great! I loved several of the other photographs taken. Kids just have such unique ideas. What a great experience to be involved and see all the great local kid artists. We had a nice peek at all the contestants, and Saturday we find out what Blaise wins! Yippee for ART!!

We went to GM farms in October for a fun day cornmaising, pumkin patching, wagon riding, Cowtraining, and all the other stuff invovled in the farm world. It was a great fun day for all of us. Russ was atcually home for the weekend. We really had a great time. This is when Blaise took several pictures for the Reflections contest. It was a great reference point, because there was so much color. The day was perfectly temperate, and we were all very happy to be together. This is Bliase' work.

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