Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finishing 2008 up right


The break for Christmas was very relaxing. I don't know what came over me. Not much, because most of the time none of the beds were made, and I am sad to say that almost never happens. I did a lot of sleeping and reading. We fit in some hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. i'll have to post a few of those pictures. I have to say that It was all pretty great. I did start to wonder when I would get my mo Jo back as I dropped the kids off for school. I slowly got back into my Miller Mom Groove. This week I went through almost every one of the drawers and closets, and organized the heck out of them. These few closets and drawers are my prime targets for shoving things when I have company, or whenever else I feel like not seeing all the clutter. "smile" Well, it is almost done. Russ spent the day trimming all the trees outside, so I think we are heading into a great new year.

Christmas Eve was spent with our good friends the Teuscher family re-enacting the Nativity. We did some singing, some eating and we ended up enjoying a rather quiet and sprit filled visit together.

Our Christmas day celebration was slow and wonderful. We really enjoyed our little nerds. Santa didn't wrap his gifts, so the kids play for a long time with all the new fun stuff. We baked Gingers famous muffins and ran them around to the neighbors. We got to nap and shower, then round 2 began with the gifts from grandparents, and all the other packages we were blessed with this year. The kids loved their gifts, we loved setting them out, and preparing for the day. Around 2pm we stuck that turkey in the oven and relaxed till he was cooked. Our friends Jill and Jay came for dinner, and we ended the day with a few more nice memories.

We are so grateful for life and the people that fill our lives. Thank you to all that give to us and those that we get to give too. Happy New Year!

Elizabeth and gang


Our Family! said...

What a great end to 2008. Hope you have a fantastic 2009!

QUEEN BEE said...

I am so glad you guys got to spend a lot of time together, in your own house even. I am pretty sure I could kiss that little Gavin to death. What a cutie. The other two are pretty cute too!! Love Ya

Lisa Higgins Photography said...

I grew up with the Miller family. I have been friends with them since Heather was 3 and moved in just up the street from me. My last name then was Lind, just so your not wondering who Lisa Higgins Photography is. I had to comment on your beautiful family.