Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home Time

My brother Sam called me on a wed., March 4 to let me know that on Saturday, March 7th, he would be getting married to Dianne Beven, whom I hadn't yet laid eyes on. Now, I knew it would be coming, as they have been talking about wedding bells for sometime. I just didn't know that Russ would be able to find some sky miles and get me to Utah in the spur of the moment.... for cheap. It is a very long, but short story. Short in days, and long in happenings. The weekend was full of talk talk talking with everyone possible, shop shop shopping with mom, (boy does she look great in her new cloths), tears for joy and saddness, Lots of loud laughter, SISTERS, BROTHERS, deserts, big trucks, driving, singing, great dancin', music, serinades by brother, solo piano recitels by Gabe and by Lexie, cameras, guns--a LOT of guns, hugs, kisses, games, fun, freezing windy wind, cooking, junk food, Real food, Late Late nights of gigling, LOVE, generosity, early mornings, sleeplessness, and very happy memorable moments.................ooops, and of course, A WEDDING! I loved it. The two, very short days were filled with much that I enjoyed and needed. I really love my family.


The Pixton Family said...

Looks like you had a blast. You look like a Bond Girl with that gun!

Tina said...

Steve wants to join your gunnin' family!

Miller Time!!! said...

Did Tina Davis comment on my blog? Who is Tina? If Steve Davis wants to join my gunnin' family, he is welcome. is he still don't well Nationally?