Friday, December 12, 2008

The Sarah Slade Collection: Tractor & Tanne Hill

This is the first oil painting I have done in more than 10 years. I like it. My friend Sarah Slade keeps me painting. Last year I did a water color painting of her boys on a river at Tanne Hill, Alabama. I liked that one too, I'll have to find it an post it as well. So, to all who see this little token of a tractor. ... Enjoy!
PS. I found the painting of Andrew and Noah!


Marnae said...

Ten years? holy crap quit being so amazing or I will stop calling(hee hee) you just never cease to inspire and impress. Love heart love you.

michiganhills said...

I can't say how much I love your painting of Andrew and Noah! What a keepsake! You should be so proud of your work - I am just awe-struck!!! (is that a word?)
I'd still love you to do one for me, I just haven't found a good pic for you to work from. Plus, now that you have 3 kids, I'm sure you are busier than ever.

PS I love your blog.