Monday, December 15, 2008

Thomson St

Russ and I took the kids for a walk through our neighborhood last night. Fun Fun. My good friend Izumi lives on Thomson st. where every house has decorated for Christmas. They sign a contract when they buy their homes that they will decorate. Not only that, but they take turns sitting out being Santa. They have a mailbox for Santa, and if you mail a letter, you will recieve one in return. AMAZING! I really love people. So, we walked our little family down the street, which is a block away, and let Gavin meet Santa for the first time. He was so sound asleep, and Santa said that we gave him his wish for the season. I am so grateful for these little monsters of mine. I am so in love with my crew. Merry Christmas to all my loves Everywhere.


Our Family! said...

Welcome to blogging! Cute photos from Thompson St.

Cindy Lovell said...

Hey, I am glad you are blogging, I found you through Jens blog. I really like the oil paintings. It looks like everyone had fun at the lights. Gavin is getting really big.
I found you through Jens blog